Sunday, November 8, 2009

Idea: AnswerMe - Answering Machine With a Difference

Have you ever felt the need to turn off your cellphone for everyone until unless there's something really important. This is a condition you can not achieve without having a personal secretary or a set of callers who you can really connect with telepathy and use it to send a broadcast message!

Well, AnswerMe is an intended mobile phone app which would serve as an answering machine with a special feature. The answer machine can be programmed easily for a mobile phone. Once the app is turned on, any incoming call would be auto answered after a select number of rings, a pre-recorded message stored as an audio file would be played back, after which a new audio file would be set for recording using the incoming phone number and the time stamp. This would function as a simple answering machine.

The difference with AnswerMe would be that it would have a specific mode 'Urgent Only'. When this mode is selected, a different voice message will be played conveying that "The user is only accepting urgent and important calls at the moment, in case this can wait please leave a message and wait for a response, else hangup and redial to connect." Now that the app knows the number from which the call originated, if another call is received from the same number in a gap of 120 seconds, the app will let the call pass through otherwise it will route it to the answering machine again.

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