Thursday, November 5, 2009

Idea: Good Ol' Books: Marketplace for Used Textbooks

Alright, the name sucks. Anyone who thinks they can come up with a better one, leave a comment. I'll edit the name and give you the credit.

Quick question: What have you done with your old textbooks? Most of us can hardly remember. Those who do would recall selling them in trash or passing them off to others.

The idea here is to setup a website wherein students can sell/exchange old unwanted textbooks online. The portal would be a listings type website like the popular auction websites (Eg. Ebay). Users can register themselves free and list the titles they own based on the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) along with other details like edition, year, condition and the amount expected. Someone looking for the same title could send a message to the seller through the website to confirm the transaction. The seller would then be required to confirm the trade, pay the website a small say 5% commission to the website after which both buyer's and seller's information would be shared with the other and they can execute the transaction.

The website could gain huge popularity amongst students who would be able to sell their old books for some extra cash and can also buy used books to save more money. The website can also be used for exchanging Novels, other non text books and even as a channel for donating old books for the under privileged classes.

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