Friday, November 6, 2009

Idea: ePenance - Online Confession, Repentance and Absolution

I might sound like it but I haven't committed enough Sins to reach this idea of an online confession application. In fact, this idea struck me when I was thinking what would be the perfect way of repentance for someone else who is the biggest sinner i have known (No disclosures!)

The idea is to have an application 'Penance' for social networking websites like Facebook, MySpace et all. The application would allow users to confess their Sin(s) of the day/week and would provide them an action for repentance after which they would be forgiven in the absolution. The excitement would lie in the fact that the user's friends would select the repentance/punishment that would be suitable for the Sinner (User!), these could also be suggested by the app*. Friends can not only select an action but also vote on someone's suggested action. The action with maximum votes (random in case of a tie) would be assigned to the user for repentance. Once the Sinner confirms that they have faithfully performed the action of repentance, they would be forgiven for their Sin by the Lord.

*Examples of suggested actions could be:
Feed a poor, Say Sorry 100 times on the Wall (Facebook),Visit the Church/Temple, Compliment 10 females on their shared photos, Donate to Charity, etc.

Note: This could even be a full fledged website if additional features can be thought of!

** Lord, I hope you forgive me for all my past, 'upcoming' and "special featured" Sins by thinking of this application ;-) **

EDIT: Please excuse the image, i avoid any possible controversies

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