Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Idea: HomeLurk - Assignment Community for Students

How many times have you got the 'E' grade in school when you failed to submit your homework? The most obvious reasons were a many, no resources, the dog ate it, no understanding, the wind blew it, we had homework? and the most popular of all 'No Mood'. Now, what if you could go online, and get your homework reference in a few clicks, learn, understand, customize and submit! Super! aint it?

The idea 'HomeLurk' is an online assignment community portal which would target students at various levels. The website would allow users to sign in and upload their own assignments for download credit. These would pass through an online plagiarism checker and be properly classified based on the Grade/Class/Year, Subject, Chapter, Topic. Each upload would get the user 3 download credits which they can use to download any 3 assignments. Users could choose the assignment based on a selective preview.
Another way to operate could be to have the assignment rated on a scale of 5 and based on the score of the assignment, the users would be given credit from 1 to 5. The rating could be done as a back office job or could be based on user's comments and reviews. To insure users are reviewing and commenting on articles, every 5 accepted comments and reviews would get user and extra credit.

Students would be encouraged not to submit the exact download copy of the assignment since their teachers would have unlimited access to the website's plagiarism checker. [Smart students like we were, would know what to do ;)]

A plethora of other features can be added to the website like student chat, free assignment grading, user's assignment backups et all.

I wish somebody would have thought of this when I was in school. A better grade would have gotten me a better today with a better pocket and a better position to better my prospects by starting up one of these my ideas.

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