Sunday, November 15, 2009

Idea: My Hangouts - Favourite Hangouts of Your Friend Circle

Tired of visiting the same club night after night? The bar tender offers you your drink before you ask for it? The coffee guy doesn't give you sugar sachets cause he knows you don't use them? Wake up! Time to change your place.

My Hangouts is the idea of a Facebook/My Space app, which would let people show their hangouts in town. People could select from a drop down box or add a new area, mark it on the map, define it and rate it. Once a hangout is on the list, people could still add or delete features from the Hangout's dedicated page. This page could also link it to a fan page if it exists. Users could also mention their presence in their hangouts in a particular time slot. Thus, this maps enabled app would in real time, display not only the list of hangouts, their features, user comments, location on the map but also people on your friends list who are currently chilling at the hang out or would be when you plan to be there!

This app is bound to be a hard seller cause a lot of people love to show off their 'chill factor' and the so named hangouts would pay large to be featured on your app. You could also set it up as a website and take it to the next level...


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