Monday, November 2, 2009

Idea: KeyPS - Locate your missing keychain

Came home buzzed last night, cant remember where you left the keys? Is your home decor like a system where you slide your hand under the couch to dig out your laptop, a system which might get messed up if someone else cleaned your place? Are you a blonde?

If the answer to any of the above questions is Yes, you need a KeyPS. If No, you will need it some other time.

KeyPS (Sound it like: GPS) is a product idea which would help you locate your misplaced keys using the omnipresent bluetooth technology. The KeyPS keychain would be a small sized key chain fitted with a bluetooth receiver, a rechargable Lithium-Ion battery, a strong LED and a high frequency buzzer. (For the non techs: a speaker and a light). The components would be so configured to sound the buzzer and light the LED once a Bluetooth connectivity is established with the KeyPS key chain.

Thus, anyone looking for their keys could use their cellphone to search for all Bluetooth items in the house, select the KeyPS, enter the passcode (pair code) and voila! you have your keys waving and calling out to the user!

  • The KeyPS might feel bulky in design but thanks to Nano technology and micro energy, this assembly can be confined in an enclosure much smaller than your pen-drives.
  • The rechargable battery to be used could be a normal electrically charged, solar charged or motion based charged.
Those of you think this business idea is difficult to setup, no need to work on this as your start-up. Just Get The Patent!

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