Sunday, November 15, 2009

Idea: HomeRun - Complete Home Solutions Portal

There's more to buying a house than just selecting a place and paying the price. It's not as simple as selecting a number on the roulette table where you can bet all your worth. It involves a hundred hassles like negotiating the price, signing the property deed, getting the possession, getting your interiors done, home insurance, white goods etc etc etc. For each of these, one has to use different mechanisms and go to different places until they finally turn the house into their own home.

HomeRun is the idea for a website which would cut this running around for a home to a bare minimum. What good is the internet if we don't use it to combine related tasks into just a few clicks. HomeRun would be a portal which would offer end to end solutions for buying a house. It would begin with providing the users a listing platform to select a house. This would be like any other website on the net for property listings. Once the user has selected a house, HomeRun would provide the buyer and seller a negotiating ground for discussing the terms of the payment and preparing the contract. Users would have the option of discussing this online since mostly these terms are pre-defined. The website would also provide the buyer the convenience of getting a loan through a financial institution. The website will strike a deal with the bank for the best offer (at least it will appear that way!) and the user can get a good loan deal. The user would also be able to purchase a home insurance online. Not only this, the website would also, within the budget of the user, provide details about interior designers and also huge discounts on home furnishings, white goods etc which are purchased through the website (This would be as per the commission offered by such online dealers... all passed on to the user!).

By now you would have guessed it right... I am looking for a flat and if HomeRun was already existing, I would be one of the customers. Not just me, a few thousand first time home buyers, every couple of months!

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