Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Idea: MediFile - Online Medical Records System

The last few ideas I have posted have been greatly inspired by my laziness and carelessness. Be it looking for keys or figuring out what to cook. For a change now, I'm posting this huge potential idea which can be a part of the medical revolution.

Remember the last few doctors you consulted and their prescriptions? Recall all your known allergies, which year were you operated or the symptoms your last illness had? If you do, you're one of those highly organized people who have all their medical documents intact.

The MediFile idea is a service which would maintain the records of all registered users in a central database. The service would record and track all medical details of the user like consultations, diagnosis, symptoms and even their medical insurance policy details. Each time the service user would go in for a consultation, the doctor could dig out the entire medical history of the patient in a few clicks, even without being a registered/affiliate medical practitioner.
Medical institutions would need to be partnered with and their doctors could directly key in the patient's data using the patients unique id. In case a doctor/dispensary is not partnered with, the user could photocopy/scan and send the documents which would be updated in the database. A lot of government support can also be worked out so as to help out in research data and organize the health care industry.

This idea may be taxing to implement but can be a real pay-off.

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