Monday, November 16, 2009

Idea: FriendHitch - Online dating with a difference

You know why online dating is so unpopular these days, its because sweetgirl18 is a 24 year old Tom and hot_chick_for_you is 38 years old Harry, promoting his home business. When angel_gal1989 and jenny362635 eventually decide to meet up in a community park, it so happens that they're both straight and looking for girlfriends.

The problem is that you cannot have a background check for each and every individual who is signed on for a dating web service. Even if you can verify the individual using their credit card, social security etc, you still cant verify if the person is as legit as he/she may look.

FriendHitch, is the idea of a social networking app for dating. Its uniqueness would be in the fact that it would only provide you results from your friends' friend lists. The app, when being used to search for a probable date, would scan the user's friends' friend list to identify singles. The singles would then be matched with the user's age, location, interests et all and returned in the most probable matches. The app would also allow users to specify a lot more than just age/location etc, this would help in searching for matches on a broader criteria. Thus once someone uses the app to find a date, the app would send a notification to the identified date and give both of them a platform to interact. It would even send a notification to the common friend to spice things up and request him/her to arrange a meeting if he thinks you'll click instantly. Since both, the user and the identified date would have a common friend, they would need to worry very little about the authenticity of the other person and could also get to know more about them.

Disclaimer: This post is not based on any personal need and the idea was just an accident between disfunctional grey cells and paranormal grey cells in the author's so called brain. However, the author definitely thinks this idea is a killer and would be an instant hit.