Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Idea: CellHiFi - Use your HiFi for a Cellphone

This one's for you if you're one of those people who spend hours and hours chit chatting on your cellphone while indoors. It becomes a pain (literally too!) to hold that phone to your ears. Obviously, you have the options of a speakerphone, a handsfree earphone and other possible stuff. But then as time peaks, these too become annoying... Here's where the next idea for a new product finds its niche.

The idea is a very easy concept and nothing that I actually feel 'innovative' about. CellHiFi (or whatever better you might want to call it...), is a product which would allow one to connect their handphone to their home HiFi system. CellHiFi would have an A2DP Stereo bluetooth receiver which would transduce the signal and feed it to the HiFi auxiliary input. For those scratching their head, a common bluetooth receiver connected to the music system. The product would be so small that it could even be housed inside the HiFi system and perhaps sometime in future all HiFi's would be pre-fitted with this. The usage is simple, search for the HiFi bluetooth device on your phone's menu and connect! All incoming and outgoing calls would then be heard on the HiFi speaker and a power mic bundled in the CellHiFi would make it sure that the user is heard on the other side crystal clear.

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