Sunday, November 1, 2009

Idea: Lock Stock and Barrel - Cook with what you have

I have some chicken, butter, tomatoes, cheese, bread and onions lying in my fridge, an empty stomach and totally no idea what I should eat. Only if there was a list of all 'unconventional' stuff that can be cooked with these ingredients...
This is where the next idea is coming from.

To startup an entry level business website, one can think of having a webpage that unlike recipe websites would not ask users to select the dish they're want to prepare. On the contrary, it would ask users to input the ingredients they have and provide them with a list of conventional and untried unconventional dishes that can be cooked with the available ingredients. Being a bachelor and living alone, I have a vast experience with the 'Bread-ington Cuisine', 'Egg-xican Cuisine' and the 'Noodle-ese Cuisine' - all of which were discovered, prepared, tried and discarded in my own kitchen. (To be really honest, they're were some dishes of the Egg-xican cuisine that actually were good and I would love to share it with people facing similar situations in life!)

This website would not only help select a dish to prepare but allow users to upload their own recreational recipes, rate other such recipes and maybe even win a year's supply of the ingredients if they're unique recipe is chosen the 'Grub of the Month'.

So the next time someone doesn't know what to do with only bread crumbs, carrots and olive oil left in their kitchen, you have another visitor!

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